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Configuration Debug Guide

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This new online Problem Solver provides a step-by-step debugging guide for configuration problems. This guide will address board-level issues with the JTAG chain as well as issues found when configuring via a PROM in Serial or SelectMAP modes.
What type of system-level debugging is needed? 

Using iMPACT
- Help with the JTAG chain using iMPACT as a debugging tool. This section addresses the effectiveness of using the iMPACT tool to debug problems with the JTAG chain. Everything from cable problems in iMPACT to bit stream download or verify failures is addressed.

Downloading from a PROM - Debugging Serial or SelectMAP configuration modes. This section addresses every aspect of the interaction between the FPGA and the PROM in either the Serial or SelectMAP configuration mode. System-level diagnostic information is gathered on the status of DONE and INIT, and debugging proceeds from there. This section assumes the PROM has been correctly programmed and verified. If this is in doubt, please refer to the JTAG and iMPACT section.